Mirror Mirror on the Wall – Reflection Time


BCM111 has helped me to cultivate my understanding of news media on a global level. It has allowed me to understand the complex network of television industries, media capitals and news conglomerates as well as the importance of journalistic integrity and balance.
The group presentations throughout the course were engaging and acted as a way for us to interact on a deeper level with the content. Class discussions gave me an opportunity to foster my opinions into words.

The three weeks that particularly grabbed my attention were week 4, 7 and 9.

I’ve always had a great love for hip hop music in particular Australian hip hop. I now understand hip hop on a global level and how a product or genre can become glocalised.
Week 7 allowed me explore how part of the global entertainment industry works and the key elements of successful global television shows.

Climate change is always something i’ve been seriously concerned about for the last 4 or 5 years and writing this post invited me to put some of my strong opinions into writing.
This assessment task has forced me to research ideas and subject matter that i was previously interested in and write about it succinctly and concisely. It has allowed me to delve into further into academia and better articulate and express my opinions.

International media and communications has invited me to understand how globalisation works on a new and different level. Previously, I was under the impression that the term globalisation mainly focused on our economic and trade markets. I now recognise globalisation and a much wider and complex term and have more of an understanding of what it means for media and social industries.


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