The Twisting Times of Television and New Media Capitals

Previously, the media landscape has been localized to America and dominated by American content due to the United States being one of the only countries with the technology and media infrastructure to produce, promote and distribute content.

Now, with an ever globalizing economy media flows aren’t as straight forward as a product produced and sold by one country to another, instead media flows transcend geographical borders and nation states. In Michael Curtin’s essay ‘Media Capital’ he discusses how multi directional flows of media are beginning to rise out of cities that have become hubs for finance, production and distribution of television programs. Curtin refers to cities such as Hong Kong, Mumbai, Cairo, Singapore and Malaysia as new media capitals. Mumbai for example, produces 1200 films a year and are distributed all over the world. Curtin also suggests that we should view media capitals as bound up in a web of relations that exist at the local, regional national and global level.

Unfortunately, neo-orientalism is a problematic product of globalized media and is one that’s hard to stamp out. Unfortunately westerners can often be parochial in their approach to different cultures, this is often then perpetuated by the media which breeds ignorance and ethnocentrism. An example of neo-orientalism is how the media have portrayed Muslims post 9/11. Instead of the accurately depicting the multifaceted religion, images of horror, war, bloodshed and oppression are consistently shown to an audience that are pushed further into their xenophobia.


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