Monologic Media- A Thing of the Past!

This was the first topic I felt I completely understood in terms of concepts, this was also the first post that I felt fully confident submitting. I was able to understand how convergence changes the role of both the producers and consumers by studying the beginning of Reddit. Writing about Reddit help me fully grasp the concept of an open platform. 

Buzzzz goes the Hive Mind

This post was probably my favourite to write. Just as I was pondering on how I could cover citizen journalism, the Boston Bombings occurred. In the days that followed the tragic incident, we saw people across the world come to Boston’s aid through the internet. Writing this post taught me about the hive mind whilst getting a real-time, real-world demonstration of how it works by monitoring sites like Reddit and 4chan. 

Harry Potter gets lost in a Monsters University 

Harry Potter played a huge part of my childhood and like everyone else, i’m still waiting for my letter to Hogwarts. This topic taught me about the emergence of transmedia storytelling and how different transmedia storytelling approaches have changed. I was unaware of how many different ways I interact with new films and franchises. 

Thank you dear readers (all 2 of you), you’ve been fabulous. 



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