Au Revoir


Well hasn’t it been an adventurous five/six weeks. Delving deep into the depths of media and its effects through a very relevant medium – blogging. At first I had my qualms about it, how do I know the content we post is relevant, how do I develop my own voice and most importantly how the bloody hell do I stick to a 300 word limit for each post with so many resources available to me?

Questions were answered as I gradually made my way through this assignment. I noticed that when I sat down to write seriously and give this my best effort that my own personal voice was emerging, and I have to say that I’m pretty proud of what I’ve written. It may by slightly cynical and left wing but I’m happy with the way I’ve documented my thoughts/feelings/considerations in this subject. Writing concisely was perhaps one of my biggest hurdles and didn’t always succeed with keeping to the word limit. By my last blog post, I’d nearly got it down pat

My first post made me consider the all important and very pressing question of: what happens next? – how does technology affect the media and vice versa.

My next post, really did prove to me that sex can sell anything. Even really basic clothing items that I could pick up at Big W for a third of the price. Hells bells, even I’ve been sucked into buying singlets from pretty girls in next-to-nothing.

My third post really drove home to me how much of an island Australia really is, especially within our media. It’s incredibly concentrated and even with a world of new technology and new technology we really must still considered what is spoon-fed to us by our media.

So with that my friends, I leave you. I love this subject, and I actually do quite like blogging, but thank god this is over.


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