Monologic media – a thing of the past!


Monologic Media No more

The polls are in and it seems that the world is taking a stand against monologic media. People are saying goodbye to being voiceless and hello to being proactive. No longer do people have to sit in silence and have their news told to them, instead there’s a plethora of ways for people to interact with our new media. Devices like smart phones with lightening quick internet are leading the revolution. Slowly we’re giving people a voice, and nothing’s stopping them now.

Reddit is a fabulous example of  a website that is quite literally built on a platform of audience participation. The site needs users to interact it with it in order for it to function as the discussion forum that it is. The users are the contributors and there is a constant flow of content uploaded to Reddit every single day, with relevant up-to-date information. For the information that is not considered relevant by the wider population of Redditors there is still a kind of gatekeeper in place to help filter contributions, these guys are the aforementioned and infamous ‘Mods’ and who are kinda like Big Brother for each subreddit, but! The Mods are still the users.

Audience participation can also expand on a much broader spectrum than the users of just Reddit. On January 26th 2012, the people of the internet raised $70 000 in 19 hours for an orphanage in Kenya after it was attacked by rebels. Someone uploaded a photo on Reddit of a man who single handedly defended the orphanage and it went viral across the net. Yay power of the interwebs! There have been countless occasions of charity from people across the internet actively participating and intentionally making a difference.

Another interesting case of mass audience participation happened when a little whale named Mr. Splashy Pants surfaced:

What I like about this story is that even though, the goal wasn’t met exactly as planned, it was reached anyway. It plays on McLuhan’s the ‘Medium is the Message’: the notion that the medium may change but sometimes the message still remains the same. It’s okay to let things get a bit out of control.

Reddit is a site, that is based on giving the wider community of cat lovers, weed smokers, political thinkers, environmentalists, gamers, writers, food appreciators, atheists, Doctor Who lovers and most importantly the every day person a voice and a chance to be heard.


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