Black Mirror: A dark reflection of society.

Pretty scary advertisement right? So eerily familiar to the ads we view on TV/YouTube/Facebook everyday. Making it seem like this new device is a positive extension of ourselves, it provides more than a single function: in your hot little hand you hold a camera, a gaming console, a calculator, the daily news, weather and stock exchange, a computers worth of music and a telephone. So what does this instant technology mean for the rest of existence? Well, as depicted in Black Mirror, the future could be looking bleak. But how do we know in which direction we’ll go? Can we still predict what these new media’s will bring as suggested in Marshall McLuhan’s ‘The Medium is the Message?’

Black Mirror is a very dystopic example of what could potentially happen. In this sixty second trailer, our mobile phones are depicted as becoming part of us, we’re so absorbed by them that every moment that we partake in, our phone is there. To the point where a very threatening looking cloud is heading towards a group of people with force, and all they do is stand there presumably filming the event with their mobile phone.
I will be super interested to see how the new Google Glasses turn out.
Mark Federman’s article (2004) ‘What is the Meaning of Medium is the Message?’ suggests that McLuhan’s theory lends itself to the interpretation of the medium shapes the message : ‘..And if we discover that the new medium brings along effects that might be detrimental to our society or culture, we have the opportunity to influence the development and evolution of the new innovation before the effects becomes pervasive. As McLuhan reminds us, “Control over change would seem to consist in moving not with it but ahead of it. Anticipation gives the power to deflect and control force.”’
I believe that trying to shape the medium is too hard now, our technology is too fast, our content too accessible and our audience is not attentive enough. How can we predict the message if we can’t even control the medium?


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