1. Introduction


The part of the book that would be better under the title ‘bullshit’ 

The definitions that pop up on Urban Dictionary never cease to amaze me with their cynicism, cold hearted brutality and their complete disregard for grammar, phrasing and more often than not the English language in general. However, ever so occasionally, I find a morsel of truth in an otherwise incorrect definition. Even though myself and this young, obviously frustrated student aren’t exactly on the same page about books (pun intended) I feel I can relate to this  interpretation of  the word ‘Introduction’.

Let me explain myself, as we all know introducing yourself on a blog is very very different to an introduction in real-life. Blogging is your portal into MY identity: my likes, my dislikes, my opinions and my beliefs and it is probably the most intimate interaction you can have with a stranger. In five minutes of skimming through the many pages of trollop that falls out of my head, you have found out a lot of information and you can judge for yourself in a matter of seconds whether you think what I write is worth reading, or whether it should be waylaid to the swirling trash-hole that is cyberspace. For a private person this is a lot to consider when putting pen to paper (or rather finger tips to keys).

However, this is why i dislike internet introductions, not why i find them to be “bullshit”.

As i was reading over the article “Nine Signs of an Effective Blog Post” it became increasingly apparent that writing a blog, could also be likened to a job interview. And who might be the employer? That would come down to you, dear reader, for you and only you are my audience. I have to sell myself, in all my outrageously pessimistic hipster glory in order to get precious internet points, or to impress my Professor in my  BCM112 lecture with my witty stylings or to just have someone give a damn about what I have to say, and i guess that’s what it all comes down to in the end.

Good on you for getting that far through my first ever blog post! I’m proud of you. Here, have some personal information for your efforts:

My name is Holly Doust-Robinson and I’m from Bathurst NSW. I’m studying a Bachelor of Communications and Media Studies and hope to major in sociology. I’m 19 years old and took a gap year to travel and work out what I wanted to do with my life (I soon found out that that was travel). I enjoy life as a whole; my boyfriend is the most creative person I know but has the head of a businessman and a heart of gold. I also believe my parents are the best people in the world and think that India is the most amazing country ever.

 Thank you, you’ve been fabulous.

Just in case


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